Aerial NDVI Infrared Imaging

Nebraskaland Aviation has equipped a Cessna 182 with equipment to provide aerial imagery. This new technology will provide us with very powerful decision making information. When choosing an imagery provider, please consider the quality and type of product you are purchasing.

Our piloted aircraft are GPS guided and fly at a much higher altitude than many of the small-scale imagery vehicles. This allows us to provide one single image per field instead of stitching together hundreds of small images taken at low altitude by radio controlled devices. Our powerful cameras provide half-meter resolution, geo-reference, color infrared, true color and NDVI images.

Our aircraft is hangared in Holdrege, Nebraska, and operated by professional pilots to provide you with the most timely, accurate, high-quality images available today. With packages priced from $1.50 per acre to full-season programs at $6.00 per acre and up, you may be surprised at how cost effective this service can be.

Holdrege Location

1002 Brewster Road
P.O. Box 350
Holdrege NE, 68949

Alma Location

904 Brown Street
Alma, NE, 68920

Holstein Location

19145 S Winchester Avenue
Holstein, NE, 68950

Phillipsburg Location

48 E Santa Fe Road
Phillipsburg, KS, 67661
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308-995-6573 - Office
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308-293-2662 - Mobile

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