Dry Fertilizer

Our dry fertilizer services include custom application including 6 product VRT capability, straight rate applications and direct delivery to your farm or applicator. The Nebraskaland dry fertilizer facility located in Holdrege, Nebraska, allows us to provide any type of fertilizer blend. Our blender is also capable of adding all type of stabilizer or liquid additive to your custom blend. We handle all types of dry fertilizer including multi-grade products such as NPSZ or 40 Rock, MAP, Urea, K-Mag, Potash, Zinc, and Sulfur.

Holdrege Location

1002 Brewster Road
P.O. Box 350
Holdrege NE, 68949

Alma Location

904 Brown Street
Alma, NE, 68920

Holstein Location

19145 S Winchester Avenue
Holstein, NE, 68950

Phillipsburg Location

48 E Santa Fe Road
Phillipsburg, KS, 67661
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308-995-6573 - Office
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308-293-2662 - Mobile

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